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God inspired some people to write some stuff down a few thousand years ago. Great. What the heck does that have to do with climate change, doing the washing up, and raising tiny versions of ourselves?

Well, while the Bible was written a while back, it teaches timeless truths about a very much still living God. The resources below can help us to navigate the everyday problems of life, all while keeping our eyes fixed on the guy who created it.

Getting Started

The single most important resource you can get is the Bible. YouVerson provides a free Bible App. You can also buy a physical copy, as well as some great resources to get you started with reading it.

Reading Widely

Here are five books to help guide you: A Loving Life, by Paul E Miller; Mirror Mirror, by Graham Beynon; Sex and Money, by Paul David Trip; Holiness, by JC Ryle; and Life is For Lifestyle, by Ruth Valerio

Tough Questions

Need somewhere to go to find answers on life’s biggest questions? BeThinking.org should be your first stop. You can also try out GotQuestions.org. Both have easy to use search functions, which can help find useful resources. Beware: some articles are easier to read than others.

Regular Wisdom

For regular, Bible based, relevant preaching, check out: Soul Survivor Watford, or DesiringGod.org.

More importantly, find yourself a local church to attend. You can search for one here.

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