Where can we find hope when politicians disappoint?

A while back, I published a post asking ‘What does a good leader look like?’ Its conclusion was simple: a good leader uses their power to provide justice for the oppressed, not just line their own pockets.
Unfortunately, there aren’t that many leaders out there who match up to this standard.

Who does Jesus want to hang out with more, me or Roger Federer?

Imagine that someone came up to you and gave you a kingdom, just a big ol’ bit of land, for you to rule as you wish. It’s completely empty, so your first job is to choose who to stick in it. You can invite anybody you like.

Am I good enough for God?

I don’t feel good enough, even though I have really, honestly, tried. This might be your experience, too. You may go about recycling with a religious fervour, donate generously to a multitude of different charities, do the shopping for Dorothy down the road, and make sure you take an active interest in the health of the local community.

Can I be a Christian and still steal my housemate’s shower gel?

Several years ago, I had a housemate who bulk bought his Radox 2-in-1 showergel. He would wait until it was on offer, and then he would buy one of each different scent they had going. We are talking sea minerals and fennel, mint and tea tree, lemon and tea tree, even watermint and sea minerals. You know, he had the good stuff.

What should I do when I am disappointed in myself?

Have you ever heard of ‘odd sock syndrome’? I suffer quite badly from it. On days where life is not going well, I often find myself looking at the odd socks that always adorn my feet. What sort of an idiot would have a ‘Where’s Wally?’ sock on their left foot, and a Santa Claus one on the other?

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