Why One Hundred and Nineteen?

The name of this blog comes from Psalm 119, which is a chapter of the Bible. There are two reasons behind that. Firstly, the psalm is all about how great the Bible is. It begins ‘Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord.’ This site tries to apply God’s instruction to modern life.

Secondly, Psalm 119 is flipping long. It’s the longest chapter in the Bible, and nearing the length of the chapter of a novel. That makes it kinda daunting to read, let alone understand. At least, that’s how it seems at first. Once you start reading it, you realise how beautiful and simple it really is. This blog wants to help people engage with the Bible, to help everyone see that it really can be read by anyone.

What does One Hundred and Nineteen believe?

The wondrous Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ. Below is a video that explains a little about what that means.

One Hundred and Nineteen is an evangelical blog. That means we believe in four things:

  • The authority of the Bible as God’s word to humankind,
  • The Cross of Christ as the centrepiece of the Christian religion, and the means by which we can be saved,
  • The Church’s Mission to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ,
  • The need for each of us to receive new life from Christ.

To find out more, check out https://www.eauk.org/about-us/basis-of-faith

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